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Friday, 29 August 2014

The China Dogs by Sam Masters Review

4 out of 5 stars ARC for Review

What happens when a series of dog attacks spreads along Florida?  At first it looks like random dogs gone wild attacking and killing their owners but is it more to the madness?

The US president finds himself at odds with the Chinese president as the US government owes billions to China.  The Chinese offers a solution that the debt will be wiped out if the US gives 10 % of the US country to China and China will also toss in a few extra billion dollars.  The US president declines the offer but the dog attacks start to be more rampant as people keep dying.

Beforehand the Chinese president has given a rare puppy to the Us president and his family as a gift.  As the puppy grows on the family, they do not realize the potential dangers on their life.

Dogs that are implanted with a chip that slowly inject lethal poison into their system that turns them into killers.  The Chinese president is  infatuated with the prospects as he runs different tests watching the dogs attack each other before they are eventually put to death after their rampage on each other.

A Miami detective, Lieutenant “Ghost” Walton, finds himself in the middle of the dog attacks at first thinking it was just random but as the frequency of attacks and dead bodies count rises he has to reevaluate the situation.  When someone he starts to cares about gets attack while doing some investigation on the case and is barely alive. , He realize  that national security is at risk and that he must solve the case before thinks get out of hand.

A suspense, page turning novel at is the finest.

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