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Friday, 8 August 2014

Love in a Small Town (Pine Harbour #1) by Zoe York

4 out of 5 stars ARC Kindle Copy from Author for Review

After six years of knowing each other and divorcing, they should be able to move onward but despite themselves they find themselves still in love each other.

Rafe Minelli is a police officer and army reservist who is still deeply in love with his wife Olivia.  Even after their divorce he still considers her his one and only wife even though he was the one to suggest the divorce.

Olivia during their marriage felt they were becoming distant as days passes.  That his job or being a reservist was taking away their time together and that they could not plan anything since something always came up.  Plus the growing tension between his mother and her especially when she went to work for her did not help the situation.

While they may be divorce their chemistry is still powerful.  Olivia knows she cannot stay in town if she wants to keep from succumbing to Rafe charms.  Will she be able to leave this small town and Rafe or will she find her way back into his arms.

Sometimes divorce is not just enough as some things are just meant to be no matter how much we fight against it.  A story that makes you believe in happy ever after.

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