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Friday, 1 August 2014

Haunted Hamlet Zoe Donovan Series #9 by Kathi Daley

4 out of 5 stars Copy from Author for review

It’s October and Zoe and the gang are getting ready for Halloween festivities in Ashton Falls. Zoe has officially moved in with Zak while Ellie is living at Zoe’s boathouse.  Ellie is still baby crazy as she keeps looking for the right guy.

Halloween is her favorite holiday and Zak has gone overboard decorating his house full of electronic gadgets. They are busy helping the town with various activities.

Zoe and Zak stumble across a dead body in an old haunted house.  As they further investigate they find that the body turns out to be a real ghost hunter who had ties in the area and that the house may hold more hidden secrets from the past.

When Zoe is kidnap by the killer will Zak be able to save her before she becomes the next victim?  Will Zoe realize how much she loves Zak or will it be too late?

It is another engrossing book from Kathi Daley in the Zoe Donovan series that flows quickly by.  It was a joy to read.

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