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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Kathi Daley Christmas in Paradise (Tj Paradise Lake #4)

4 out of 5 stars ARC for Review

As the holiday season is approaching Tj is getting ready for Thanksgiving festivities.  One of the guests that is invited might be the father of her half youngest sister Gracie. It seems her mother had an one night stand while married with her third husband. He is in the Navy and was shipped out the next day and never saw her again.

He received an anonymous letter stating that Gracie might be his daughter since they looked alike and gets in contact with Tj.  He just wants to meet her and see if there is possibility as he promises Tj that he will not take her away from her and after the holidays he would return to his ship in the Navy.

Meantime her best friend mother in law is seeing a guy.  The guy meets her friend husband the might before Thanksgiving and gets into a fight.  No one seems to like the guy and things are weary through the Thanksgiving gathering.

Later that evening Tj stumbles across the body of the guy in the snow.  At first her friend’s husband is arrested for the murder and then her best friend for being an accomplice as they end up locked up in jail.  Then the mother who was dating the guy confesses so that her son and daughter would be release from jail.  Tj knows that none of the three would kill anyone.

As Tj unravels the mysterious past of the victims and his alias, she finds out that he knows more than just her friend mother-in-law. In the meantime, Gracie’s father is getting closer to Gracie as she fears she might lose her to him.

Who really killed the guy and what part does Gracie father want down the line?  Will she ever regain what she had with Hunter?

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