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Monday, 25 August 2014

Nothing But Trouble by Erin Kern

Title: Nothing But Trouble
Series: Trouble #4
Author: Erin Kern
 Release Date: August 15, 2014


Rebecca Underwood likes her life the way it is. Quiet. Plain. Predictable. For years she worked her tail off in medical school and finally achieved her ultimate goal of working in a private practice. She sees nothing but smooth sailing ahead of her. That is, until she finds herself having to deal with the one man who has the ability to send her quiet and plain world into a tail-spin.

Master mechanic R.J. Devlin specializes in restoring classic cars. He’s poured blood, sweat and tears into building his own auto shop from the ground up. For him, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a healthy amount of grease under his nails…except a green-eyed red-head who could bring him to his knees faster than he can say Corvette. So when Rebecca Underwood brings her father’s classic car to him for restoration, he jumps at the opportunity—for more reasons than one. Rebecca has always loathed surrendering any kind of control, but she knows R.J. is the best at what he does.

But then everything she’s worked so hard for, her practice and her reputation as a pediatrician is shaken. And as her carefully controlled world spirals out of control, the threat of losing her medical license, and even her practice, pushes her to unfamiliar territory and a place where she has no control— the arms of R.J. Devlin.

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Author Bio

I started writing back in 2004 and six years later self-published the third book I wrote. Two years after that I landed a contract with Grand Central Publishing.

Now I'm just chugging along, spitting out books faster than my kids can turn my living room into a disaster zone...

Actually, that's not entirely true. I only wish it were true.

But in all seriousness, I write sassy and sexy contemporary romances for Forever Romance. My Trouble series is available online and wherever paperbacks are sold.
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4 out of 5 stars ARC for Review

Dr. Rebecca Underwood is a pediatrician working with another pediatrician in a small town.  She is busy working to pay off her student loans and mortgage on her house.  Her life is safe and predictable except for one man who she can not seem to forget.

The man in question is her first love and older brother of her childhood friend R.J. Devlin a mechanic.  He climbs into her bedroom window one night when she was a teenager and took her virginity.  After that one night he started to avoid her and she later went off to college and has now settle back into town.

Along the way, she ends up filling in for the other doctor ‘s patients and notice that he has a lot of ADD  children taking a high dosage of a certain medicine that can be addictive.  One of the children is in question mother is working for R.J. repair shop and seems to have a grudge against her. Seems she has slept with her boss on and off but he broke it off knowing that she was getting to needy and he does not do relationships.

  Rebecca does not feel that the daughter has a problem and does not need a strong dose.
Being suspicious of R.J.’s employee, she starts to question him about her behavior later which leads him to notice that she been forgetful lately, saying she is suffering from headaches and sleepiness.  Also she been losing weight and making errors that are effecting his business.  Rebecca also start digging into the other doctor patients and notices that he prescribes three times amount of the stronger drug than she does mostly to children.

As they are drawn closer to each other despite themselves and Rebecca’s world starts to fall apart when  she loses her medical license for pushing things to far.  She seeks comfort from the only person she ever loved but he has issues of being not good enough for her.  Will he admit that he loves her and that they are meant to be after all these years.

A sweet story about resisting what is in front of you.

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