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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rain Shadow Book 3 The Barringer Brothers Series by Tess Oliver

4 out of 5 stars ARC Kindle Copy

The story continues as Luke is now free and searching for his Angel.  He hears that she has run off but no one seems to know where as he fears for her life in the desert and her grandfather clutches.

Angel does not know that Luke is still alive and has no idea what or where she is going when an older women picks her up and drops her off at the nearest town.  Trying to regain her bearings she ends up staying a few days too much as she is caught by Gunner who kidnaps her.  Gunner thinks she will make good bait and that he will user her to get the presidency of the motorcycle club from her grandfather.

Luke hears about the kidnapping and searches for her hut to no avail.  Angel’s grandfather Dreygon suddenly appears and tells him where she is being held.  So Luke goes off to rescue her but before he leaves Dreygon and his men take Angel  in a van and heads back to their compound.

Will Luke be able to rescue her once again and get back into the compound?  Can they finally meet up and be together or will her grandfather be in the way?

I cannot wait to see what else these two must endure before they can be together as Tess Oliver keeps things moving.

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