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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Beginnings (Finding My Way Book 3) by M1egan Keith


4 out of 5 stars ARC Kindle for Review

Seth is still recovering from his short lived romance with Emma after months past.  He still stalks her on Facebook and sees her posts of her being happy with Nick around the world.  He finds It hard to completely let her go.

Then he meets Bianca who works at a café who changes his world.  On recommendation that this place has the best coffee he encounters her who seem charming on first meeting.  But as he spends more time visiting the café, she starts to give him attitude and thinks he is stalking her as they shared words.

Slowly they start out as friends but things get out of hand one drunken night.  Things change as they start to become more than friends and feelings grow.  With time running out as Seth’s contract comes to a close, can he ask her to move as he fears what happen last time with Emma?

Things will change once he asks Bianca to go to the wedding of his ex girlfriend and his friend.  How stable is Bianca with their relationship and how will react to meeting his ex and then a chance meeting with Emma and Nick?  Is Bianca and Seth meant to be together?  Story about moving on when you are hurting.

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