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Thursday, 20 August 2015

120 days by Michele Stratton


5 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

A touching story about the terminally ill people who survive a bit longer than they are expected at a place called The Last Resort.  A place where they die in dignity and do what they never experience.  They come there so their family will not watch them suffer or they have no place to go.

The founder is Samantha Truman who privately funds the place.  It is her tribute to her parents who both end up dying from terminal cancer earlier on.  Their determination to survive kept them alive for longer than was expected as she wants to give hope to people with a few extra days.

Ethan McGregor has always been busy making money, at first when his parents died in a car accident and having to raise his younger brother Evan.  He is lost after Evan’s death since his brother did not want his help when he told him that he was dying and walked away.  Now after his death, he is left with a journal telling his last days.

Ethan applies for a job there wanting to expose the place a fraud.  But he is soon swept up in the residence and their fight to live.  Along the way he manages to fall for the owner and vice versa.  Will these two be able to get their happy ever after or will life throw them a curve ball?  A touching story about surviving death. 

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