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Friday, 19 September 2014

The Manhattan Puzzle by Laurence O'Bryan Review

4 out of 5 stars Copy for Review

This is a fast pace thriller that keeps you rivet along the way with an engaging heroine.

What appears to be a takeover of a bank turns out to be more than meets the eye.  As ancient rituals and stolen artifacts are mixed together as dead bodies grow.

Isabel Ryan was a typical housewife who retired from her job where she used to work with her husband Sean to raise their son.  One night her husband did not return home after he called earlier to say that he will be home late but never manage to come home.

She gets more suspicious when one of her husband co worker calls and asks if he is there saying that they had a business meeting.  Isabel fears something is not right as she calls her husband work place and gets the round around and even makes an unscheduled appearance at the work force.  She knows they are hiding something.

When she goes back home there are police searching their house.  There are looking for evidence but they tell her nothing and ask her about the BDX takeover that her husband been working on but she has no idea about the takeover.

She knows her husband in danger and can she find him before he ends up dead?  Added to the mix while she is investigating her husband disappearance their son gets kidnap.  Can she uncover the mystery before they all end up dead and will their past have something to do with everything?

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