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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Claudine by Barbara Palmer

4 out of 5 stars Paperback Copy for Review

Maria Lantos is living a double life.  She is an average college student doing her post-graduate in eighteen century literature mostly dealing with erotic role playing.

At night she is transformed into Claudine a courtesan that is in high demand. She plays these roles as she tries to keep both worlds from colliding.  Until one night another prostitute is killed who resembles her and is carrying a copy of her birth certificate as things start to unwind.

Strange incidents suddenly keep happening around her and the people closest to her.  Her rather secretive past of being put into an orphanage when she was young after her parents were killed.  Also there is a possibility of being abused before she was adopted and moved to America.

In the midst she starts to have feelings for her for professor Reid Whitman and her employee Andrei Barinov.  Can she trust them or they a part of the mysterious stalking?  As she tries to push both away, thinking they deserve someone better, she is further confused.

Will she ever admit her feelings or will her stalker catch up with her in the end? A story of finding  oneself sexually and the courage to face the past.

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