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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

London Calling by James Craig

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 photo Eonly9780062365262Cover_zps46c1fa48.jpg Title: London Calling
Genre: Police Procedural/Adult
Series: Inspector Carlyle Mystery
Author: James Craig
Publish Date: Sept 9, 2014
Publisher:  HarperCollins   

Edgar Carlton is rich, handsome, and in line to be the next Prime Minister. But his rise to the top takes a steep turn downwards when somebody begins murdering alumni of the 1984 Merrion Club, an exclusive Cambridge University society to which he belongs. Bullheaded Inspector Carlyle is tasked with handling this delicate case and, to discover the killer, he must question all the members of the 1984 Merrion Club. But finding the truth proves difficult when this group of powerful men is so determined to let events of the past remain in the dark…



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JAMES CRAIG has worked in London as a journalist and as a consultant for almost thirty years. He lives in Covent Garden with his wife and daughter.

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4 out 5 stars ARC for Review

Inspector Carlyle is a brash detective who does not play by the rules and the politics among the force. He finds himself in the middle of a homicide case where the male victim was sexually abused after he was killed.  While further investigating, he finds another murder victim  along the same manner years ago,  This then leads him to the 1964 Merrion Club part of an elite Cambridge University club and to investigate the former members.

The secrets among these powerful  group of men who are willing to keep the truth buried in the past .as more and more of these members are murdered.  What really happen that these men want to bury?

One of the former members, Edward Carlton is running for Prime Minister.  He is rich and handsome and is leading in the polls and has his just as handsome brother at his side.  Does he have anything to do with the murders or will he become another statistic before he can become Prime Minister?

It has an intriguing plot which keeps you guessing till the end.

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