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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Never Look Back (Coming Home #2) by Amy Stephens

4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy from Author

It’s a story about knowing when you are in a disastrous relationship and that you must leave it and eventually move forward.

Jennifer Davis fell in love with Brian Collins and married him.  Things seem to be going good until he started to get abusive and jealous.  One night he throws a fit after losing his job and throwing a glass bottle that ended up shattering and a stray piece ended up cutting her.  She told him to leave which he did which she then left him for good.

She knew she had to leave for the safety of herself and her unborn child.  Jennifer turns to Todd Williams someone who had befriended her when Brian had one of his abusive fits.  Todd told her to call him if she needs help especially when she went back to her husband.

Todd Williams is in his last year at pharmacy school and has his life basically planned out.  He will eventually takeover his father pharmacy when his father retires and right now he is only concentrating on his studies.  He really did not expect to hear from her again.
Todd offers support letting her move in to the guest house of his parents as she sorts out her life.  Jennifer keeps getting calls from Brian but does not answer or reply to his texts and eventually files for divorce.  She cancels the lease on the apartment, does not pay the electricity and eventually cuts off his phone since she was the one paying the bills since his job did not really support them.

Brian after getting serve the divorce goes off the deep end.  Confronting her best friend and stealing her friend’s phone as he contacts her.  She mistakenly answers as he tries to talk to her but she says it over.  He goes on a rampage at their place as he trashed everything in it causing such a ruckus that the neighbors call the police and leaves before they arrive.  But he gets caught being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

During that time Jennifer and Todd become closer but never cross the line.  Can the two of them find love together and make it despite the baby?  Will Jennifer be able to trust her heart to another man?

Love can occur when we least expect it.

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