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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Somewhere With You by Britney King

Title: Somewhere With You
Author: Britney King
Release Date: April 10, 2014
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This is the tale of first and last loves. And those that come in between…
Jack Harrison is a relentless overachiever who leaves little in the way of compromise. A businessman to the core—he's hell-bent on being at the top of the food chain. After all, no one can trip you up if you’re on top, as he likes to say. The problem for Jack is there’s only one thing that continually trips him up—and that’s her.
Amelie Rose, with a name like poetry and a heart of gold, as her father always said, is a free-spirited photographer who has managed to land a job at one of the top travel magazines in the world. This is both a blessing and a curse since Amelie never stays in one place for long and has refused to commit to anything—ever.
It might seem to the casual observer that these two have almost nothing in common. But fate would disagree. The story chronicles Jack and Amelie’s lives from childhood into adulthood, beginning when they meet as then eight- and ten-year-olds at summer camp specifically designed for children who’ve lost too much.
As fate steps in, and that first summer seals the deal, they come to depend on each other in ways neither of them expected, with each summer bringing them closer than the last. As they come to terms with life and loss, with hanging on and letting go, they’ll teach each other that some bonds are meant to last. Together, they will travel the world, meeting in various places where they’ll come together, and fall apart, all the while struggling to discern if the other could possibly be the one.
This unlikely love story takes us on an adventure where two people come of age, fall in and out of love, and question the role timing plays in it all.
Their story is proof that neither time nor distance—perhaps not even death—can destroy what love creates.
So it seems the only question left to ask is whether love is enough?
*For mature audiences.

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Excerpt 1 –
She blinked back tears and eyed the restraints around her wrists. “Yeah. You could say that.”
They laid there in silence for a long time before Amelie spoke again. “Jack.”
“Yeah?” He recognized that tone.
“I don’t want you to you see me like this anymore. I’m no good for you. I’m going to tell them that I’ll go. I’m going to go to this place they’re talking about sending me, and I need you to let me go. I need you to promise me… that you’ll let me go without a fight.”
Jack shifted in the bed. “You mean you want to go, then?” He narrowed his eyes. “I don’t understand. You’re not crazy. You’re just sad. There’s a difference. But around here… I don’t know… it’s like the twilight zone. No one listens.”
She sighed. “I don’t know what I want anymore, Jack. I just want to stop hurting everybody I love. I can’t take the pity I see in your eyes. Or the disappointment in my mother's. Maybe I am sick. Maybe I’m not. All I know is that whatever this is… it’s bigger than me. And I don’t want to feel this way anymore.”
He played with her fingers, unable to meet her eyes. “But… I don’t know how to let you go, Amelie.”
“I know you don’t. You never did.”
Jack looked up then. “What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means that I want you to let me go. For good, this time.”
“Maybe you are fucking crazy. That’s not gonna happen. I love you, Amelie.” He snickered.
She turned to face him as best she could. “No. I’m serious. I’ve never caused anything but trouble for you. It’s what I do. I find a way to destroy everything and everyone around me. And eventually, I’ll destroy you, too. Just look at what I’ve managed to do already. I’m not taking you down with me, Jack. I’m not.”
His gaze was fixed on her now. “That’s bullshit, and we both know it. This is life. It’s not perfect. It is what it is. But you don’t give up. You don’t just give up.”
Excerpt 2 –
As soon as Amelie and Jack checked into the hotel, they promptly had sex. Which should have made Jack happy but it didn’t. She seemed different in that regard. More confident. And definitely, less innocent. After they finished, he watched Amelie as she stood at the counter and reapplied her makeup. “I thought you weren’t seeing anyone,” Jack hissed.
She stopped mid application and eyed him in the mirror. “I’m not.”
“So you’re not fucking anyone else either then?” he demanded.
Amelie did a double take. “I never said that.”
He threw his hands up. “So you are then. I knew it.”
She turned and faced him. “Did I miss something? Did we have an agreement about that?"
Jack felt his face redden. “I didn’t think we needed to.”
Amelie turned back to the mirror and spoke slowly, matter of factly. “So you haven’t slept with anyone, Jack? That’s what you want me to believe? Because I don’t. Not for a second...”
“This isn’t about me.”
She smiled wryly and met his gaze head on. “Isn’t it?”

Author Info:
For those of you who prefer it straight up, no chaser: Mama to five. Writer. Juggler Extraordinaire. That just about covers it…
The extended version and in third person no less ;): Britney is married to a man she adores (when he isn’t driving her crazy) and is the mother of FIVE pretty amazing kids, who (surprise!) also have a habit of driving her crazy. Her best guess is that it’s genetic. She is the author of three novels, Bedrock,Breaking Bedrock, and Somewhere With You, with plans to release fourth and fifth in 2014. In addition, she founded a local network for women in 2012, which has grown to nearly 1000 members. Currently, she occupies a job she enjoys–serving and running Austin Women’s Network. To further prove that she may in fact be certifiably insane, she decided to pursue her dreams and published her debut novel in May of 2013. Then and only then, could she consider her training to be an expert (life) juggler complete.
In her free time, you might find Britney running, reading, or spending time utilizing the wonderful venues that make her city great.

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ARC Kindle copy for review 4 out of 5 stars

Jack Harrison knew he was in trouble when he first met Amelie Rose at Camp Hope when he was ten and she was eight. They were destined to be together despite themselves.

He is an over achiever while she was a free spirited person.  She takes him out of his comfort zone as their relationship is always crazy.  Despite their love for each other, they are always on a different zone.

Amelie is a globetrotter taking pictures along the way while he is building his financial empire.  Along the way each meeting they have are full of love yet bitterness as they part.  A never ending love but sometimes it seems it is never enough and the sacrifices we make at times until you ultimately realize that you are meant to be.

The rollercoaster we call life and where it leads us.

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