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Monday, 21 July 2014

Ndbag the Boogeyman

Ndbag the Boogeyman

Ndbag the boogeyman is a comic strip featuring a boogeyman named Ndbag who likes to dress up as a panda among other things and has a sock fetish.  It features his friend and antagonist Zk who is into laundry lint, Pandaman his silent panda friend and the invisible Mylene whom he lives in her laundry hamper.

This is Ndbag:

This is Zk:  

And the loveable and quiet Pandaman: 

It’s a comic strip aimed at adults and children with somewhat silliness and at times hidden meanings.  We watch their interactions that are played out in a three strip panel.   Usually things are played out basically with a black and white ending but at times a few surprises are thrown in.  It’s a feel good comic with a usual smiling boogeyman as your host.

He will be making his appearance during the San Diego Comic Con July 24-27th 2014 or least the creator of the series E.F. Gludovacz who probably will be sporting his panda t-shirt apparel.  H will be available to sign copies of his comics that will be on sale on booth #2103 and there will be free collectible cards available of the characters that can also be signed by him.

The comic strip is released three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at UTC +1:00.
The comic strip can be found:

You can contact the author for more information or to purchase his comics at

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