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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rain Shadow (The Barringer Brothers #1) by Tess Oliver

4 out of 5 stars E-Copy from Author

Evangeline "Angel" Sharpe while out riding in the desert finds a man nearly dead who is badly beaten and bloodied. She takes him back to her place a compound that her grandfather rules as a motorcycle club.

Despite knowing that her grandfather does not like letting in strangers into the compound she fights for him to stay there so she can treat him. In order to stay he gets further beatings and is tortured for information but he does not remember who he is nor his past.

As she continues to treat his injuries there is chemistry between the two of them as it leads them to be together. Slowly he starts to regain his memory but the memory can lead to destruction between them.

It's a sweet story despite the brutality of being tortured. How two people who lives are different can find love together despite the obstacles as we look forward to them getting their happy ever after.


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