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Friday, 25 July 2014

Rain Shadow 2 by Tess Oliver

4 out of 5 stars ARC from author for Review

Drug Enforcer Agent Luke Barringer finds himself deeper into the world of the Bedlam Motorcycle club and its President Dreygon Sharpe's activities while being held captive. Luke manages to impress the president and fakes his loyalty to the club to buy his time.  He falls more in love with Dreygon’s granddaughter Angel as each day goes by and vowing to leave together with her.

Angel knows he is hiding something from her but she manages to trust him.  Believing that one day Luke will gain her grandfather’s trust and that will both be able to leave together soon.  While her grandfather is slowly growing out of control as each day passes and time is running out before Luke’s identity will surface.

Will it be the end of Luke’s life or will he manage to survive at what price?  Can Angel escape her grandfather and his compound?  Will they have their happy ending as we wait to see what will happen next?

I found it to be a riveting story that flows continuous to the reader as we wait to read the next installment.

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