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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Heart of Dixon by Danielle Jamie

Kindle Copy for Review

After Savannah attack by Zak, everyone gathers at the hospital waiting for her to recover from her coma. Zak is still on the loose and everyone is weary and on edge.  Brooklyn  ends up once again seeking comfort with Dixon despite they both do not want to be in a exclusive relationship.

When Savannah finally recovers and on her first day home, Brooklyn ends up getting a text from Zak saying she will be the next victim and turns to Jax for support.  She ends up calling Dixon and a female answers his phone who she tells that he has an STD and that he passed it on to her.  He was about to get a blow job but the female then backs off.

They keep battling each other as they want each other and not admit that they feelings are more than just sexual.  Each too stubborn to admit that they are falling each other, will they get over that barrier or will it be too late when Brooklyn life is at stake?

You just cannot help love the tension between them.

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