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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Mausoleum Road Affair

The Mausoleum Road Affair The Mausoleum Road Affair
Author: Patricia Miller 
Genre: Truly an erotic Romance, heavy on the romance 
Publish Date: November 4, 2014 
Publisher: Swoon Romance 
Type of book: Stand-alone novel 
Pages: 191 
Price: $2.99 USD    

~ Book Synopsis ~
Frustrated mother of two, Brianne Hunter, escapes her bland life in rural Fennelton by embarking on a weekend away shopping with her best friend. On the drive to her friend Darlene’s estate, Brianne crashes her Jeep off the Mausoleum Road, and makes her way, bleeding and injured, to a stone ranch seeking help. There she encounters Dr. Robert Moss, whose spouse is in Europe spending their money. Thus begins an immediate attraction, and a wildly sensual coupling that essentially changes them both.

When the weekend tryst ends, Brianne returns home to the demands of her predictable life. Shortly thereafter, lifechanging losses occur for both Brianne and Dr. Moss. Then comes the day when Dr. Moss pays Brianne a house call, attempting to reignite their union; however, a revelation he delivers may be more than Brianne can accept. Yet Brianne cannot deny her heart’s passion, and returns to the ranch to deliver a disclosure of her own. In the end, the pair must decide if they will follow their passionate fate together or not.  


4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review\

Brianne Hunter is off on a road shopping trip to meet her friend but instead finds herself in an accident when she swerves to miss an animal.  Crashing her Jeep off Mausoleum, she ends up seeking help at a ranch bleeding.  The ranch is owned by a Dr. Robert Moss whose wife is travelling across Europe.

Both dissatisfied with their marriages, they end up seeking solace in each other and falling in love. They end up in a weekend tryst that neither will forget and going back to the spouses and their lives with them.

But things do not remain the same, when Brianne leaves with a goodbye note Robert receives a visit from the police telling him his wife died in a crash by the road due to a train.  Later on, Brianne’s husband has an accident and dies but it takes years for them to meet up again.

When they initial meet up, things do not go as plan as Robert has his own secret.  He has a secret that might tear them up apart now that they are free to be together.  Brianne does not take it well as she has her own secret.

Can they move past their secrets and take a chance on their love this time around or will they destined to be separate?

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      PatriciaMillerAuthorPhotoBlack&WhiteCropped smallAbout Patricia

Patricia is a wife and mother of two. In her free time, she snowboards, snorkels, volunteers with seniors and travels. She enjoys playing in lakes and sitting on the dock with her family and friends.

Whether it's a sexy fiction book for SWOON ROMANCE or a non-fiction story for CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, Patricia Miller writes about the best emotion - love. Her passions are writing, swimming and cottage life.

Patricia's true stories Catching Snowflakes and Not So Fancy appear in the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: O CANADA THE WONDERS OF WINTER (2013) and CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL CHRISTMAS IN CANADA (2014) collections. Patricia has published non-fiction articles and photographs on healthcare and home decorating through METROLAND MEDIA GROUP. Her poetry has appeared in the literary journal THE TORONTO QUARTERLY and the anthology FROM THE COTTAGE PORCH by SUNSHINE IN A JAR PRESS. Patricia established the BWG WRITERS' CIRCLE in Bradford, Ontario, Canada in 2008 and she serves as the group's Chair.


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