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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Jake Bernstein FBI Series Donna Del Oro

Jake Bernstein FBI Series
Donna Del Oro
Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

About The Series

A Bodyguard of Lies, Book 1

An FBI agent hunts for an infamous Nazi spy--and risks more than he bargained for.
Handsome FBI agent Jake Bernstein is recruited by MI5 to go undercover in England and Ireland and investigate a naturalized American grandmother. His task: Discover if she was the notorious Nazi spy, Hummingbird, who caused the deaths of thousands during World War II. His obstacles: A dangerous, Irish neo-Nazi organization, the woman’s lovely blond granddaughter, and sixty years’ worth of lies. His priority: Stay alive!

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Lies In Wait, Book 2
For love of country or love of a woman?
These are two of the choices FBI analyst/undercover specialist Jake Bernstein faces when he goes undercover for the Joint Counter Terrorism Center. His mission: Go to Silicon Valley and identify the masterminds behind what the JCTC chief believes is a coordinated terrorist plot that may involve five American cities. As a disaffected, biotech scientist, Jake is recruited and tested in a harsh, brutal way. But slowly, the pieces of a possible terrorist plot begin to emerge.
In his desire to see his lover, Meg, he breaks cover and flies to rendezvous with her in San Diego, unintentionally involving her in his case. To stop the deaths of thousands of lives, he must gain access to the terrorist cell's inner circle and learn the details of their plot. Because the terrorist cell knows about Meg, Jake must now prove his loyalty to radical Islam and do the unthinkable. Or the undercover operation will fail.
As the cell lies in wait for the final, deadly call to action, Jake is desperate. Do his duty, expose the plot and save thousands of lives? Or save Meg? Is he clever enough to do both?

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A Bodyguard of Lies (Jake Bernstein FBI Series #1)

4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review 

When FBI Agent Jake Bernstein is recruited by MI5 to go undercover in Europe to investigate a naturalized American grandmother for Nazi spying, he did not expect to find romance along with the usual danger mixed in.  He knows the M15 are also keeping secrets and knows that they are also surveying him and the grandmother on the tour.

His job is to discover if she is the elusive spy code named Hummingbird who is a notorious Nazi spy that caused the deaths of thousands during World War II under Hitler’s reign.  How she managed to work for the British government using her fluency in German and French to decipher codes on both sides and her ties with a British aristocrat who also spied for the Germans called the Black Widow. Using her influence the two became powerful spying for the Germans.

Jake along the way falls for the grandmother’s granddaughter putting things in an awkward position for not only who he is working for but when the granddaughter finds out who he really is and that her grandmother is a wanted person.  With a past that she does not know about her grandmother that is thrown at her and that she is really not who she been portraying the past sixty years.  Throw in a French Canadian couple that befriends her grandmother on the tour that should not be trusted.

Jake finds himself risking his life at times as people are trying to warn him to stay away.  Can he protect them before other people go after them?  Will he manage to do his job and also protect his new love and her grandmother?

Lies In Wait (Jake Bernstein FBI Thriller Series #2)

4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

FBI agent Jake Bernstein finds himself going undercover as a Muslim working at a lab that deals with anthrax vaccine where the major supplier is the US military. Finding himself playing the part growing a beard  and praying in a mosque in San Francisco.

Meantime he finally catches up with Meg before his latest assignment after months apart due to various reasons on her part.  When they meet up at her place in Dallas, they still realized that have feelings for each other.  Meg decides to go to California to be near her uncle and half brother while going back to college and study German.

Being nearer to each other, Jake promises he will visit her every weekend knowing that it would not work since he is undercover and must play his role.  After missing two weeks, he eventually visits her but his cover is almost broken when he was followed.  Eventually, he made up a story that she is his ex girlfriend and that she broken up with him that weekend.  They are weary of the story saying she is unclean because she is not Muslim.

On campus Meg uses her various languages figuring it would help people with their English skills.  She meets a Spanish guy name Alejandro and offers help and that of his three other Spanish speaking roommates but he makes excuses.  They turn out to be terrorists that support Muslim activities.

As Jake gets closer into the group, he faces a bigger test.  Can he kill Meg to secure his position for the greater cause?  Who will the terrorist group and what is their real target?

About The Author

My pen name is Donna Del Oro and I live in Northern California near the Sierra Nevada foothills and Folsom Lake. After retiring from high school teaching, I decided life was too short to waste. Thus, began a journey doing what I'd been wanting to do for many years--write fiction. I sold my first novel, OPERATION FAMILIA, right away and this book went on to win an award for the Best 2010 Latino Books into Movies Award. Following that first sale, I published three more women's fiction books, then branched out into writing my first love, romantic thrillers. This year, 2012, saw the launch of A BODYGUARD OF LIES and THE DELPHI BLOODLINE, both ebooks and available on Kindle, Nook, Apple, and elsewhere. If you have read any of my books, I welcome your input. Leave me a review on Amazon and your name goes into a pile for a $50 gift card at B&N, my favorite bookstore. You can email me: Thanks for dropping by!"
When I'm not writing, I sing with a Sweet Adeline's chorus, the Sacramento Valley chorus. Check out this link to find out about this exciting chorus of women singers!

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