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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

This Crazy Love Blitz by S. H. Pratt

This Crazy Love (Crazy Mountain Series book 1) by S.H. Pratt
Release date: January 28, 2014

To say that Fiona Harper hated Montana was an understatement. The state, the town of Big Timber, and more specifically the Lazy D Dude Ranch induced terror, panic and fury. Only a deep and powerful bond of love for her sister, Brianna Rose, could bring Fiona back to Montana. Knowing that Briana needs her, Fiona agrees to return to the Lazy D Ranch in Montana, in spite of her desperate terror that her sanity and life hang in the balance. 

Austin Green wanted the simple things in life… a quiet life with his horses and a family with the woman he loved. When his fiancée, Cassie, is killed in an accident on Christmas Eve, Austin’s life takes a sharp detour into a special misery where his anger rules him… consumes him. Five months after losing Cassie, Austin’s twin, Adam, finally pushes Austin too far. Fueled by his fury at Cassie, at Adam and at life in general, Austin decides to simply leave it all behind and taking a job as the head wrangler at a dude ranch in Montana seems to be the perfect place to learn to live with his loss and anger.

When Fiona arrives at the Lazy D Dude Ranch, she discovers that not only does she have a roommate, but he’s got his own demons that haunt him. During the day, Fiona and Austin tolerate each other, but at night, when Fiona’s nightmares overwhelm her, Austin becomes the only light in her dark existence. Slowly, their relationship becomes a friendship laced with a passion that Austin craves and Fiona doesn’t understand. But as the summer season nears its end, Fiona’s nightmares crash in on her and Austin can’t reach her. Can Austin and Fiona find their way back to each other before they give up?


4 out 5 stars PDF Copy for Review

Can two people find comfort in each other and find away to move past their pain and guilt and in doing so find love?

Austin Green is still suffering guilt from his fiancée car accident death.  He feels guilty because they argued before she found herself driving off.  Her death cause his life to go downwards spiral.  Still angry after five months, his twin brother Adam  pushes him too far and he finds himself taking a job on a dude ranch in Montana.

Fiona Harper hates Montana but finds herself back after her sister hurts her leg and needs her help on the dude ranch.  Not wanting to go back since it holds terrible memories but she knows her sister needs her. She must overcome the pain and terror being on the ranch.

On arrival she finds that she has a roommate that she was not expected who is male.  The sparks flow between them as they manage to set each other off without trying.  As they learn to fight off their demons and anger issues, they soon find themselves bonding with each other.

Can they be each other savior as they learn to move past their anger?  Will they be able to find happiness together?

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