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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Criminals We Deserve by James Craig

The Criminals We Deserve 

Title: The Criminals We Deserve (Carlyle Mysteries) 
Author:   James Craig
Genre: Thriller
Publish Date:    January 20,2015
Publisher: Witness Impulse
~ Book Synopsis ~

It’s always dangerous when you know too much…
When the body of a journalist is found in the back of a garbage truck, Inspector Carlyle is thrown into the middle of a scandal that threatens to expose corrupt links between the police, parliament, and a hugely powerful media mogul. In his search for the killer, Carlyle goes head-to-head withhis nemesis Trevor Miller-a former policeman turned security adviser to the Prime Minister. Miller has dirty money in his pockets and blood on his hands. And he would do anything to get rid of John Carlyle…

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About the Author: James Craig has lived in London for more than thirty years, working as a journalist and consultant. He lives in Bloomsbury with his wife and daughter.


4 out of 5 stars PDF Copy for Review

Too much knowledge can be very dangerous.

Inspector Carlyle finds himself once again in a middle of a case that can quickly turn scandalous once information is let loose.  When a body of a journalist is found in the back of a garbage track things go messy quickly.

He quickly finds himself divulging in this world dealing with the police, politics and the powerful media moguls.  Inspector Carlyle finds himself crossing path once again with his nemesis Trevor Miller, a former policemen turned security advisor for the Prime Minister.

Miller is not immune to dirty money and blood on his hands bit most of all he out to get  rid of Inspector Carlyle.

We are once again swept into his world as he struggles with his case like all police do since not everything can be black and white.

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