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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Turkeys, Tuxes, and Tabbies (Zoe Donovan Series #10) by Kathi Daley

4 out of 5 stars ARC for Review

Thanksgiving is approaching in Ashton Falls and the charity bachelor auction nears.  Zoe’s mom has managed to gather her rich friends to bid on the males.  Unfortunately for Zoe, they are staying at Zac’s home.  Good thing Zac is on a business trip and Zoe decides to stay at her boathouse with Ellie.

While driving she runs across a few cats that belong to the local cat lady.  Zoe returns them to her but she finds the woman lying dead in a pool of blood.  She sees a mug with bright lipstick and decides there is enough evidence for the local sheriff to do his job without her aid.

But when she finds out that her friend is dating the mysterious pink lipstick lady, she can not but get involved.  As she turns out to be the niece of the dead woman and that her mother had a fight with her several years ago and they were not talking.

This leads to find that the old lady was acting strange lately from sending back cat food saying it was tainted and getting gun lessons fearing for her cats safety.  Finding out that she wanted to turn the local senior center into a cat sanctuary and that she had a law suit against one of her neighbors a turkey farmer.  But do they all play a part in the murder or are these things coincident?

Life with Zoe is always an adventure as she finally reveal that she and Zac are finally engaged to everyone.

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