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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Emerge into Forever by Andrea Michelle.

Emerge into Forever
by Andrea Michelle
Series: Shifting, #3
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: October 12, 2014

Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.

She escaped the doubt, and he embraced the moment.  Shifting apart then shifting together. Could they finally emerge into forever?

One secret broke his trust, which led to both of their heartbreak. They both learned that sometimes love just isn't enough. Until now.

Nothing with them had ever been simple and coming home to right his wrong would be no different. Josh was prepared to say or do anything to fix his mistake and mend what he had broken between them. He wasn't expecting to find out his worst nightmare had come true. As usual, though, not everything is as it seemed.

Riley was slowly spiraling into a dark hold of loneliness and despair without Josh. Rebuilding walls he had once broken down, pushing away everyone around her. One self-destructive mistake left her unguarded and vulnerable causing her past to slam into her present with painful force. Destroyed by Josh's assumptions then given hope by his reassurance, she climbs out of the dark and back into his arms.

Enough was enough and communication was key. No longer hiding behind walls and past screw-ups, they fight like hell for what they want. One another. Always wanting more.
Apart they are a mess, but together they are music.

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Once upon a time in the boot of Louisiana, a young girl made a mess of things and began writing dark poetry to cope. She often found herself day dreaming, creating stories in a far away land that didn't exist and was always out of her reach. Her mission was to move on, find love and a reason to believe in the beautiful things in life. She didn't expect to be counting her blessings daily for all that she has found since then.  Her once dark poetry became colorful and bright—it became music. She found purpose and her make believe stories slowly vanished away. Her poetry also sat in the backseat as more important things took priority. However, life can catapult you in the blink of an eye. A long forgotten coping mechanism of writing would once again become her escape. This time, though, she realized that this escape where she created stories was not a curse, but a gift. Embracing her vice, she breathes life into her characters and poetically weaves together stories for readers to enjoy.  She is no longer the young girl who feared the unknown, but is stronger and has faith that beautiful things will always be in reach. She is married to her best friend, and is a mom to three beautiful daughters who are her favorite cheerleaders. She is excited to have the opportunity to share her love of writing with readers. The stories are fictional, but they are real to her. She has always felt things passionately and this new journey as an author is no different. She is no longer looking back, but looking ahead to this amazing adventure with all of you. She invites you to connect with her if you desire to do so.

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4 out of 5 stars Copy for Review

It’s been awhile since their unfortunate break up as neither are past each other.  Trust has always been an issue and it is still is.

Riley is headed in a downward spiral drinking to ease her pain just like her father.  Will she be able to move forward or end up in a tragic end like her dad at the rate she is going?

She goes to a party with her best friend that she really does not want to attend and watching her friend being happy with her friend, she gets drunk.  Running away from the pain, she ends up outside and falls down.  To her rescue is Dean who helps her up and offer to drive her home.

Riley thinks it is Josh for a moment and kisses him and Preslee catches the moment on her camera and sends it to Josh.  In the meantime Preslee eggs Dean to have sex with Riley as he always wanted as he ends up taking her back to his place.  He lets her sleep for awhile while he keeps thinking of her.  Dean finds himself in bed with her and touching her.  The more he touches, the further he goes almost raping her until her phone goes off as the damage is done.

Turns out it was Josh who saved her once again telling her that her mom is about to deliver.  The baby that will make them step siblings due to their parents one night stand.  Like their life could not be anymore complicated.

Dean the next morning blames what happen was due to his drinking as he admits he has a letter from Josh since Valentine telling her how much he still and always love her. If only she had gotten the letter, she would not be in this position.  No one would believe her about the attempt rape; especially, after her drunken behavior and that Dean was her ex boyfriend as well as the picture of them kissing which he shows her.  Blaming her for ruining all their loves and what if he was the first one to meet instead of Josh, the first day she moved in.

As they work their way back to each other among the obstacles thrown at them, will they be able to find their happy ever after?   Can these teo best friends be able to have more than friendship without hurting one another.  Can their music to each other be their star that bonds them forever?