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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Devil Disguised by Karolyn Howard. Review

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Fans of Regency romance will enjoy this story about a strong willed Lady and her reclusive rake.

Lady Lily Montgomery seems to attract deadly accidents that she manages to invade.  She managed to survive not being in the carriage when her parents died nor that of her fiancĂ© later on.  Several other incidents have occurred but she passes them off accidents.

When her guardian needs to go to India for business, he leaves her with his single best friend Lord Duncan Cavanaugh, the Earl of Westbrook a former rake recluse to watch over her outside London.  He warns his friend that Lily’s life might be in danger.  Luckily his pregnant sister is there to play chaperon or her reputation would be in peril.

Before she leaves, she is temporary engaged to someone she has not meet but her uncle tells her she can refuse the gentlemen in question when he returns.  On arrival, she manages to verbally fight with Lord Cavanaugh while managing to make friends with his sister,

Not having too much to settle, mysterious break ins and accidents start to occur not only putting her life in danger but the people around her.  This brings Lily and Duncan closer together, as he tries to stay away from her not want to compromise her and ruin his friendship with her guardian.

As things heat up between them up, the accidents get more deadly.  Who wants to harm and the reason behind it all?  Will she be able to ultimately survive or will her luck run out?

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