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Friday, 29 September 2017


by Rhiannon Jean
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Designer:  Imagination Uncovered
Release Date: September 29, 2017

Mabel has finally made her and her late Gran’s dreams come true: she has her very own organic cupcake shop, Hazel’s Hints of Heaven. For the most part, she’s content. There’s her daily visits to Cherry’s Coffee Roasters, hanging with her two best friends, Max and Corinda, and baking her heart out. Alas, she aches for a little human contact (wink, wink). She’d even settled for one-night stands from her favorite hole in the wall bar, but, when she meets two mouth-droppingly, eye-poppingly gorgeous men, things get complicated.

There’s Gavin, the tattooed, pierced, dark haired, blue-eyed devil who reeks of sin and needs a job in a pastry kind of way. And Henry, the tall, blond, green-eyed Greek god who borders on rude and tight-assed and needs sweet treats—and fast. As Mabel gets to know each man, her heart chooses one, while her body chooses another.

When push comes to shove, with a little help from fate, Mabel finally makes the choice that satisfies her heart…and her Cupcakegasm.

4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

When her grandmother dies, she finds out that her left her money to start her dream of owning a cupcake store.  She decides to finally make her dreams come to life and probably was a dream of her grandmother who raised her when her parents died when she was young.

She has given up on men as she is busy with her store and coming up with new flavors. She meets a guy at a coffee shop that only sells coffee and was bringing her latest cupcakes for the staff to enjoy. He is looking for cupcakes for his niece that he promise and offers her money for them.  This in turn lands a weekly order of cupcakes for the company he works for.

There is attraction between them but they both believe in not mixing business with pleasure, besides he has a girl friend.    Throw in her distrust of men after her ex boyfriend.  She ends up hiring a new employee since her other staff is moving out of state.  Unfortunately, she will be betrayed by the new employee that she ended up seeing out of work.

She finds herself seeing more of the first guy who tells her that he broke up with his girl friend. They find each other easy to talk to as she finds herself trusting him and turning to him.   A sweet love story that is not overnight.

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Hailing from the Midwest, Rhiannon Jean has finally decided to listen to the voices in her head and put their stories on paper. She loves cats, cupcakes, Netflix, tequila, writing, crafting, music, singing too loudly with the car radio, dancing, shoes, tattoos and correcting people's grammar.


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