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Monday, 12 October 2015


Cold Water Bridegroom
by B. Brumley
Series: A Falling In Deep Novella
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Fairy Tales
Release Date: August 2, 2015

Having grown up in San Francisco, Calder Brumen is drawn to the ocean, and he's spent his life trying to capture the beauty of the Pacific on canvas. Over time, he has become obsessed with painting the image of a dark haired mermaid named Gaire, and Calder struggles to explain his devotion to these portraits to his best friend. When Calder finds sandy footprints leading to the edge of his bed, he suspects that the haunting siren is real.

Pursuing the truth, Calder is dragged into a murderous, underwater plot that could destroy them all. And he must choose – is the possibility of a lifetime with Gaire worth risking death for himself and everyone he loves?

4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

This is a quaint story of a painter and a mermaid who fall in love.

Calder Brumen living in San Francisco and is drawn to the ocean.  He tries to capture the beauty in his paintings.  Overtime he becomes obsessed with a dark haired mermaid as he tries to explain her to his friend.

Calder convinced that his mermaid Gaire is real as he finds footprints in the sand.  He finds himself in a world of murders and murder plots.  He will be force to choose of a life with Gaire and the chance of death and those he love.

Can these two unlikely people be able to be together or will their differences tear them apart?  An interesting read for those who like mermaid stories.

Bokerah Brumley is an award-winning freelance writer. In her spare time, Bokerah enjoys climbing trees, photographing peacocks, and writing flash fiction. She lives with her husband, five kids, and three dogs in West Texas where she serves as the blue-haired publicity officer for the Cisco Writers Club.

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