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Monday, 6 July 2015

Guiding Grayson by Josie Lohr

Join us in celebrating  GUIDING GRAYSON by Josie Lohr!

 Adult Contemporary Romance
Scheduled to release: April 5, 2015

Grayson Sutton loves teaching...and she’s good at it. She's one of those teachers who throws every ounce of heart and passion into working with kids—and her students love her for it.

When Grayson hears about a position at a new charter school opening in Chicago, she knows she has to apply for her dream job—even though it’s over one thousand miles away from the small Georgia town she calls home with her longtime boyfriend Reid. After all, Reid has plans for Grayson’s future...and they don’t include teaching, especially not in Chicago.

When her offer letter arrives on a day with special significance for the couple, Grayson decides to compromise and move to Chicago with the understanding that it’s only temporary. But once there, she meets Emmett, the handsome owner of the school, and the chemistry between them complicates everything.

As Grayson makes a new lie isn’t going to let go of Grayson without a fight…but neither will Emmett.


4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

Grayson Sutton loves to teach.  On her birthday, she receives a letter that she been accepted to teach at a new charter school in Chicago, she should be excited but she has not even told her rich boyfriend that she even applied since she did not think she would get the job.

Thinking she was just going to spend her birthday with her boyfriend at his parents place turns into a surprise party which she does not like surprises.  Then he proposes in front of everyone as she accepts.

But when Reid finds out about the job, he gets angry.  He has his own plans which do not include her teaching but raising their own babies.  Reid is a spoil rich kid without ambition and lives off his family money.

Grayson moves to Chicago and meets Emmett who happens to own the school.  Emmett finds himself attracted to her at their initial meeting as he finds himself stalking her.  As they continue to run into each other the chemistry between them sizzle.

When Emmett comes to rescue when things with Reid get out of hand, can Grayson trust her feelings for Emmett?  Will he be another rich man who will break her heart once more or what the two of them last a lifetime?

Sometimes life throws you unexpected curves in order to find happiness down the road.

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