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Thursday, 25 June 2015

T.S Irons My Wicked Stepsister

Title: My Wicked Stepsister
Author: T.S. Irons
Genre: Erotic 

My wicked stepsister—a tale of lust, seduction and surrender.

Drew Reynolds was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. We grew up together, and I’ve watched out for her since we were children. She was the Hollywood “It” Girl—flirty, outrageous, and always in trouble.

I’ve been her protector, her rock, her savior. I also happened to be her stepbrother, and completely infatuated with her.

Growing up in Hollywood, we’ve always had an unconventional family. Nothing is ever as it seems. When the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, what’s a guy to do? 

Should I push aside my feelings of desire or cross a line I’m not sure either one of us can come back from? 

Warning: This is a smutty taboo tale, if it’s not your thing, don’t one-click!

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4 out of 5 stars Kindle Copy for Review

This is considered a forbidden love story.

She was the spoiled Hollywood girl always breaking the rules while trying to get attention as she attracts trouble wherever she goes.  All she really wanted is the attention of her father.

He is her stepbrother who has always protected her.  He has always been there for her and is infatuated with her.

One weekend together was about to change everything. 

Can they go back to be just a mixed up family or will things change between them?  Will one weekend be enough for them or will they need more?  Can they take their chance on love despite what people may think?

This is another interesting forbidden taboo love from the author that flows.

T.S. Irons likes all things smutty! She loves lingerie, sexy movies and hot reads.

She lives in Pensylvania with her sexy husband and their crazy dog. 

Her published works include Stepdaddy Dom (Step-Dom), Sibling Rivalry and My Wicked Stepsister.

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