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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ashlinn Craven's Core Attraction

Core Attraction Banner Core_Attraction_Title: Core Attraction Author: Ashlinn Craven Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+ Publication Date: April 27, 2015 Publisher: Crimson Romance

~ Synopsis ~
What do you do when your worst enemy is the one who understands you bes t? Living with her dad and single since the Ice Age, Fiona Halpin’s plan is to get a promotion, a swanky house, and a boyfriend--strictly in that order. So when Dr. Declan MacCarthy and his protest leaflets turn up outside the power plant where she handles public relations, she’s almost too busy doing damage control to notice how gorgeous he is. Almost.
Declan has returned from Japan to settle in his Irish hometown and live a meaningful life by treating his cancer patients and joining a campaign against the biggest local employer’s deadly radiation risks. But that means facing off with the fierce Fiona, who’s as protective of her company as a pack of Rottweilers. As Fiona slowly warms to Declan and his passion for his cause, a strong compatibility and common ground develop between them. But can she let down her defenses enough to let him reach her inner core, or is their passion only heading for meltdown?

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4 out of 5 stars ARC Kindle Copy

Fiona Halpin works at a power plant as a security IT in Ireland as she lives with her dad.  When she runs into Dr. Declan MacCarthy who is handing out protest pamphlets in front of where she works, he does not realize how attractive he is as they start running into each other.

Declan has return to Ireland bring his younger Japanese brother-in-law with him as he wants to settle back in his own country.  His brother-in-law is not happy to be drag to Iran underground eland and finds himself supporting an underground campaign against power plants since his sister died from radiation exposure when the power plant in Fukushima leaked radiation.

All Declan wants is to live a treating his cancer patients and joining a campaign that fight against the local power plant and shut down the radiation risks.  This cause him to battle with Fiona who is protective of the company that she works for.

As they battle each other, the chemistry between them sizzles.  Can they turn to each other or will they end up going their separate ways?  Will their love be able to handle what life throws them?  An interesting read of two people who find themselves on opposite sides and making decisions based on what they feel is right.

About the Author

Ashlinn Craven enjoys writing “head versus heart” romances where lovers face toe-curling problems usually caused by wayward technology or each other. In her twenties she worked her way across Europe's technology hot-spots before succumbing years later to Alpine serenity, writing, marriage and motherhood . She lives in Switzerland which held its last Formula One race in 1954.

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